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The Benefits of Choosing a Condo Over a House After Retirement

The Benefits of Choosing a Condo Over a House After Retirement

Before we explore the benefits of buying a luxury condo instead of a house after retirement, let’s define the two types of residences.

A house is a free-standing residence with four outer walls, which are not connected to any other residential structure.  It is typically situated on a lot, which includes a front and/or back yard. The homeowner also owns the land underneath the structure.

A condo, on the other hand, is more like an apartment.  Condos can be rented or bought.  They come in many shapes and sizes and can range from basic to luxurious.  This allows the renter or the owner, flexibility in terms of space requirements.  Downsizing to a beautiful condo often brings you more peace of mind, because you do not have to deal with the hassle of repairs and unexpected maintenance problems. Furthermore, condos offer residents shared access to common areas and assets, making it an appealing choice for many.

Let’s explore the benefits of opting for a condo, instead of a house, especially as it pertains to retirees.


Condos include standard amenities, such as hot water, heating, air conditioning, as well as a fridge, stove, and dishwater.  That’s not all, however.  Condos also allow access to additional amenities, such as convenience stores, dry-cleaners, restaurants, and therapeutic services.  This is beneficial to retirees.  As we age, mobility becomes a greater issue, and convenience becomes more important. Living in a house generally means that you need to travel, or at the very least, leave your property, in order to access some of the amenities and conveniences, that are often available in condos.

Particularly attractive on-site amenities include those that are used on a regular basis, such as laundry rooms with washers and dryers. Also, there’s no need to handle the maintenance or repair of appliances, since the condo maintenance staff handles these issues.

As we grow older, maintaining our physical health becomes more crucial, and it is necessary to stay fit.  Condo amenities such as gyms include cardiovascular equipment, and swimming pools offer retirees exercise options.  Due to their in-house access, it is easy to maintain a regular exercise schedule.

A Sense of Security

One’s physical health isn’t the only concern for retirees; their mental health is an issue too.

As we age, we tend to become more psychologically frail, feeling more vulnerable than before.  Older people living in a house may feel as though they are more susceptible to security breaches, which can foster a sense of uneasiness or even panic.

By choosing a condo instead of a house, retirees can rest assured that they are completely secure at all times.  Doormen are on duty 24/7, ensuring that no suspicious characters are allowed access to the premises.

Additionally, security cameras are positioned throughout all common areas, so that in the case that a threat occurs, security officers can remedy it immediately.  Finally, security passes, which grant access to buildings and condos, are given to residents, exclusively.  This way, it is assured that only tenants can access these areas.

All of the above security measures ensure that each resident and their belongings are safe.

A Sense of Community

As many retirees can attest, life becomes lonelier and more predictable with age.  By opting for a condo instead of a house, retirees can enjoy a sense of community and spontaneity.

The amenities offered by condos, such as swimming pools and gyms, not only provide a service but a way to interact with others as well.

By regularly interacting with neighbors at such locations, retirees can break away from an isolated lifestyle, and make friends, leading to a richer, more meaningful life.


As this article clearly illustrates, there are many reasons why a retiree should choose a condo at Le Parc Apartments, over a house: amenities, security, and social interactions, among others.  Furthermore, condos offer a variety of luxurious spaces in all shapes and sizes.