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Student Apartments / Studio for Rent in Montreal

Student Apartments / Studio for Rent in Montreal

How to find a studio in Montreal as an international student?

Finding the right student accommodation can be a challenging task for international students. It is important to locate the right one, whether your stay will last for a month or many years. When looking for apartments, it is crucial to consider several criteria, such as budget, institution location, and other relevant factors.

The aim should be to find the perfect apartment for rent in Montreal in an ideal location where you feel safe and comfortable (such as Apartment Le Parc, situated in the Golden Square Mile in Downtown Montreal). Here, we will share some tips, which can help international students find the right accommodation. We will also look at a few details that must be considered and  that definitely help to avoid common scam tactics that fraudsters use.

Finding the Right Apartment in Montreal

There are several off-campus accommodation options that you can choose from. Such off-campus living provides international students with numerous benefits.

Students can choose the type of housing, as per their preferences, and save money by selecting accommodations that match their respective budgets. As a student, you will enjoy freedom in your daily life, where you can shop and cook for yourself, and familiarize yourself with Montreal in the heart of its community, just outside of the campus.

Start Searching Early

Finding an apartment in Montreal will be easier if you have the possibility to start your search early on. By doing so, you will get enough time to do proper research, and find the right studio. You will also have an edge over countless other students who are also searching for housing options, just before college starts.

Set a Budget

When you are looking for student apartments in Montreal, the first thing you will need to do is determine the budget you want to allocate for your accommodations. Establishing a budget will facilitate the process of finding the most suitable apartment. Apartment Le Parc provides several accommodation options that suit most budgets.

Examine the Features

You should analyze the features and facilities available at the studio apartment you are planning to finalize. It is important to understand whether the building’s facilities meet your expectations, to make an informed decision. You should also check whether the rent includes the cost of facilities, such as electricity, heating, wi-fi, parking, appliances and furniture, so that you have a clear understanding of your monthly expenditure.

Be Aware of Scams

As an international student, you will have to remain aware, and avoid falling prey to scammers and fraudsters while searching for student housing in Montreal. Here are a few of the details to keep in mind:

  • Lucrative Offers: If the offer seems very lucrative, whereby the rent offered is way lower than other apartments in the area, then it should raise some suspicion.
  • Advance Payments: Be wary of any unjustified advance payment request before you have seen the accommodation in person.
  • Lack of Video Tours and photos: If you are not able to visit in person, then ask for a live video tour of the listing so that you can pre-screen it from your location.

A Final Note

From the above details, it is clear that there are several points to consider when you are looking for student accommodation in Montreal. At Le Parc Apartments, you can expect to have high class services and amenities to keep you safe, at all times. Here you can expect to remain relaxed and productive all year round.

Book an appointment to visit our apartments now, to ensure that you are selecting the right apartment that suits your lifestyle best.