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What Is the Best Choice for You, a Condo or an Apartment?

What Is the Best Choice for You, a Condo or an Apartment?

Are you planning to move, but don’t know whether to rent a condo or an apartment? It may not seem apparent at first glance, but major differences between the two types of residences exist. In order to better understand these differences, let’s examine them.

Apartment Vs. Condo

An apartment is a rental property, and is typically owned and managed by a property management company. Apartment units are generally quite similar in terms of their overall appearance, and tenants all follow the same set of guidelines for renting a unit in the complex. Tenants report to the same property manager, who is typically found in the leasing office, with employed leasing agents.

Condos, on the other hand, come in many shapes and sizes, and can range from basic to luxurious. This allows the renter flexibility in terms of space requirements. Furthermore, condos offer residents shared access to common areas and assets, making it an appealing choice for many.

Advantages of Renting a Condo

Renting a condo in Montreal presents many advantages, which do not apply when renting an apartment.

Customized Living Spaces

Condos come in various configurations, so that you may choose the space and layout that suits you best. If you live alone and require only a small space, you can choose a condo that includes fewer rooms; potentially a studio.

This way, you can save the money that unnecessary rooms and furniture, would otherwise require. If you live with a partner and occasionally require privacy, you can choose a setup that includes a separate room. This can be turned into a dedicated workspace or den, for example.


Condos tend to have better aesthetics than apartments; especially in the case of luxury condos. Features may include sleek countertops, stainless steel appliances, and beautiful hardwood flooring. Windows may appear larger and more modern, while letting in plenty of light.


One area where condos really distinguish themselves from apartments, is through their amenities.

Such amenities include places of business, a gym, a swimming pool, a sauna, and a laundry room. Conference rooms come equipped with the latest office technology, such as projectors for presentations.

The convenience offered via on-site amenities, is tremendous. You can avoid time-consuming trips to gyms and laundromats, for instance, making regular routines easier and more achievable. Additionally, avoiding timely and often costly travel, to off-site locations, will reduce your transportation costs. Whether it’s gas or bus fare, you will end up saving money.

Finally, avoiding travel to off-site locations can be more convenient and beneficial in times of a pandemic, when it’s important to avoid unnecessary contact with the public. and public transportation..


If you live in a condo building such as Le Parc Apartments, you can count on your security. A doorman is on duty 24/7, security cameras are positioned throughout all common areas and such areas require a pass for entry, ensuring that only residents are granted access.


Condos distinguish themselves from apartments due to the many advantages they present. If you are struggling to decide between an apartment or a condo, consider the points outlined here.