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What to Look for in a Studio Apartment

What to Look for in a Studio Apartment

When opting for a new apartment, you are faced with a number of choices, some ideal and others not. One option that may be right for you is a studio apartment.

What Is a Studio?

Studio apartments are sometimes called efficiency apartments, alluding to their small but meticulously-organized space. They are ideal for those living alone, as they provide a small but comfortable space, and do not command the higher price of bigger apartments. If you are considering a studio rental in Montreal,  there are several factors to consider:

Vertical Space

When renting a studio apartment, use of space is extremely important, and you should therefore take advantage of the vertical space available to you. Install plenty of shelving for storage, and consider mounting your television on the wall.

Rather than install wardrobes for your clothing, consider hanging numerous hooks on your walls, to hang your clothes. You can even hang stylish curtains from your ceiling to conceal this section of your home, if you wish, and create a makeshift walk-in closet. Any way you can maximize your limited space is advantageous.   apartments with high ceilings, of course, offer even more vertical space to optimize.


As touched upon above, your storage capacity may be impacted by the limited space available to you, but you don’t need to compromise significantly. In addition to storing your clothing on hooks or wall-mounting your television, you can also maximize your storage capacity by choosing a studio apartment with shelves built into the walls. You may also opt for a futon that serves as both a sofa and a bed.

Since installing a washer and dryer in a studio apartment would cramp the space, simply use your building’s communal laundry room instead.

Natural Light

Ensure that your studio apartment has lots of natural light, as this will make the space appear much larger than it actually is. Studio apartments facing east and west will let in lots of natural light, whereas apartments facing north or south will not. One trick to optimize natural light for the illusion of greater space, is to install a large mirror, or mirrors, in your studio apartment. They will reflect the naturally-lit space, making it appear much larger than it actually is.


If you live alone, or as part of a couple, a studio apartment may be the right choice for you. Before opting for such an apartment, consider the factors outlined in this article.