The Golden Square Mile

The Golden Square Mile, an emblematic and historic neighborhood nestled in the heart of Montreal, is renowned for its significant concentration of Victorian mansions that echo the opulence and architectural grandeur of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This area, home to the distinguished Le Parc Apartments, stands as a testament to Montreal's affluent past, where the city's elite once resided. The neighborhood is punctuated with noteworthy institutions, including prestigious universities, museums, and cultural centers that contribute to the rich tapestry of Montreal’s educational and artistic heritage.


Sainte-Catherine Street

Sainte Catherine Street, a bustling 11-km artery in Montreal, is lined with unique shops, restaurants, entertainment hubs, and malls, extending through Downtown and the Quartier des Spectacles.

Sherbrooke Street

Sherbrooke Street boasts specialty stores, designer boutiques, art galleries, antique shops, and chic restaurants. It's known for its unique blend of artsy elegance, convenience, and rich history.

Montreal's Underground City

RÉSO, also referred to as the Underground City in Montreal, links an extensive network of shopping malls, restaurant theaters, hotels, exhibition venues, eateries, and transit systems.



We are located within walking disance of Museum of Fine Arts, McCord Museum and Redpath Museum


Place des Arts and the Maison symphonique of Montréal, home venue for the OSM, Théâtre du Nouveau Monde.


Festivals are the backbone of Montreal's vibrant culture. Whether it's jazz, comedy, dance, or poutine, Montreal celebrates it all with a festival, regardless of the weather.


Taxi stand outside the Le Parc Apartments main entrance.
Metro stations Peel and Guy-Concordia in 5 min walking distance.
Central train station only 17 min walking distance.
Bus stops on Sherbrooke Street.
Easy access to highway 720 and 15.
Monitored indoor and outdoor parking slots on the complex.

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