How to Determine the Right Size of Your Montreal Apartment?

  • 9 months ago
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You decided to move into a Montreal apartment for rent, but for everything to go smoothly, it is important to find a home that meets your needs. You must begin by asking the right questions during your visits. This allows you to clarify things, to know what to expect, and most importantly, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Of course, nowadays, finding an apartment has become increasingly challenging! Quality apartments are rare, and often cost an exorbitant amount.

To determine the size of your Montreal apartment rentals, you will need to consider how you will use the space, your monthly budget, the layout and features of the apartment, the number of people (or pets) that will be living with you, and even the amount of furniture you have available.

Tips to Determine the Right Size for Your Montreal Apartment Rentals

How much space do you need?

Depending on the quantity of items you have, how many square meters/ square feet are needed? Many Montreal apartment rentals have no space for a sofa and bed. Are you prepared to downsize or use a convertible bed, such as a futon or a loft bed, to free up space? If you have storage space in your building, it may come in handy. You should understand what can and cannot comfortably physically fit into your space, which is an important factor when choosing between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment.

Are you planning to have roommates?

The number of people who will live here now and in the future, should be determined. Do you live with a partner or do you plan to move in together in the future? Are you planning to live alone for a long time? Concerning families, do you plan to have children soon? These are questions to consider early on in the renting process. If you anticipate an additional person living with you in the upcoming months, it may be beneficial to invest in a larger unit now. If you consider the costs associated with moving, furnishing, and application deposits or fees, then investing in a larger rental unit sooner than later, may make more sense.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?

Consider how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need before you start looking for a Montreal apartment for rent. This will help you determine the exact type of apartment you require.

Is it possible for your furniture to fit into the allotted space?

When you move into a Montreal apartment for rent, you should ensure that all your existing furniture fits before you begin looking to purchase new furniture. Here’s an easy way to do this: measure the height, width and depth of your furniture. After doing this, you should write down the measurements.

Another option to ensure you have the right amount of space available for furniture and appliances would be to simply rent a fully furnished apartment. No need to pay for movers, and save money paying for appliances and furniture.

Find the right size apartment

The most common apartment sizes are studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and sometimes three-bedroom apartments. Generally, the more rooms you have, the more square footage you can expect.

A studio apartment can be anywhere from 320 to 650 square feet, whereas a one-bedroom apartment is usually between 540 to 970 square feet. A two-bedroom apartment is about 920 square feet and larger, and a three-bedroom apartment will be about 1180 square feet or larger.

At Le Parc, we take pride in offering extraordinary spacious apartments. To provide an example, our studios can range up to 560 square feet, while our one-bedroom apartments extend up to an impressive 1026 square feet in size. We understand the importance of comfortable living spaces, and our accommodations reflect our commitment to providing ample room for our residents.

Estimate your budget

A renter is looking for a home with the best amenities and the largest living area, according to their budget. Searching for a property will therefore be preceded by an initial estimate of one’s budget.

Here is how to evaluate your budget:

  • Calculate your total monthly income
  • Calculate your total monthly expenses
  • Subtract your expenses from your pay and check what’s left
  • Use a small portion of what’s left for your living expenses

Typically, you should aim to spend around a third of your monthly income on rent. Anything nearing 50% of your monthly income would be considered tight.

For a tenant, it comes down to the quantity of resources available that can be allocated to rent, and the chosen municipality, which will determine the possible surface to rent. To maximize the probability for the acceptance of your tenant file, consider the rent estimate.

Apartment size guide

Studio apartments usually have just enough space for compact living, including a bed, dining room furniture, a television, and a desk. You can also expect to have a bathroom, a small kitchenette, and a closet or two. Some studios may even have a balcony or patio. The appeal of a studio apartment is that it allows you to live on a minimal budget, making it an excellent choice for a first-time renter, student or person living alone.

A studio apartment can also work for couples who don’t need many separate spaces, as well as for people who work long hours or abroad. A studio also makes sense for people who travel a lot, for business or for pleasure. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a Montreal apartment for rent, is that you won’t have an enclosed space to sleep. For this reason, creating or purchasing a wall divider is essential to separate your bedroom from your living space. One-bedroom apartments should have all the features of a studio, plus a separate bedroom. This is the perfect option for tenants who want to keep their primary living space separate from their respective bedrooms.

A two-bedroom apartment offers individuals and couples the option of having an extra room as a guest room, office or recreation room. They can also accommodate additional residents, including older parents, children or a roommate.

Three-bedroom apartments are large enough to accommodate a family of six, or up to three roommates, especially if the apartment has multiple bathrooms. In some cases, a 3-bedroom apartment will be in a townhouse or duplex community, which contains a second level or loft area, and a larger living space on the main level.

Discover the Perfect Apartment Size at Le Parc: Your Ideal Rental Awaits

As you may have noticed, there are several things to consider in order to determine the size of the apartment you need. At Le Parc Apartments , we are happy to help you choose the ideal rental apartment for your family, roommates, or anyone else you want to move in with. We have extensive floor plans to choose from, which will meet all of your needs. Feel free to reach out for more information.

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