Advantages of Renting an Apartment

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Some people truly believe that buying a property is superior to renting. In fact, with the current reality of the high-priced real estate market, while mortgage rates steadily increase, the game has changed significantly. Today, there are many advantages to opting for leasing rather than buying. In this article, we are reviewing the advantages associated with renting an apartment, which will help you understand whether this is an interesting and appropriate way for you to go.

Fixed and Stable Monthly Charges

Some rentals include related fees such as parking, hot water, air conditioning, heating, a gym, swimming pools, a garden and courtyard. With a fixed rent grouping several monthly expenses together, it becomes much easier to establish a budget for the coming years.

The Complexity of Co-ownership Relationships

As they say, you don’t choose your neighbours. For a thousand and one reasons, co-ownership relationships can become unbearable, especially when there are disagreements about building management. Moreover, you should also consider that even if at the time of purchase, you have pleasant and involved neighbours, this may not always be the case. When a unit is sold within your condo, it can bring you an inconvenient neighbour, noisy or worse; a bad payer, which jeopardizes the finances of the entire condo association. You will then be left to negotiate with them for better or worse. Apartments; particularly luxury apartments, vet and select their occupants using high-quality standards, so at Le Parc Apartments, you can look forward to having well-behaved neighbours.


If you dream of living in a green environment while living in a central location in the heart of downtown Montreal, at Le Parc Apartments, you will be charmed by apartments that meet both these criteria. Upon retirement, our needs change, and you need to carefully consider the lifestyle you want, in order to find a suitable property configuration.

It costs much less

When you consider the cost of buying a condo (the price of the property, the interest payable on your mortgage, transfer taxes, notary and inspection fees etc.), but also the annual costs (school and property taxes, condominium dues and fees, mortgage insurance, etc.) such expenses tarnish the long-term profitability of condominium ownership. By renting an apartment, these expenses can be avoided. Tenants who are disciplined regarding their savings, can invest this difference, in addition to saving time on maintenance and management, allowing them to focus on advancing their careers. Apartment rental also frees up tremendous amounts of your time, allowing you to identify profitable investments such as equities, where you can grow your savings much more significantly over time.

Common spaces to enhance your daily life

More and more rental apartment buildings have common spaces that allow tenants to take advantage of different facilities outside their homes. Whether you dream of a terrace, a swimming pool, a workout room or a shared lounge, you can find these amenities in a complex with high-end apartments for rent! Contact Le Parc Apartments today for the best apartment rental in downtown Montreal.

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