Questions to Ask Before Renting a One-Bedroom Apartment in Montréal

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Are you ready to start your search for the perfect one-bedroom apartment in Montreal? There are many things to consider when renting an apartment: location, amenities, and budget to name a few. Montreal is a vibrant city filled with wonderful neighbourhoods, so finding the right home can be challenging.

Before you start signing a lease, there are several important questions you should ask yourself and the landlord. In this article, we’ll explore the top questions to ask when looking for an apartment.

How Much Is the Total Monthly Fee?

First of all, you have to consider the rent. It will remain the same for the duration of the lease, which is usually one year. Then, there are other basic variable costs to consider, such as heating and electricity. Sometimes these are all included in the lease, while in other cases, these costs are paid by the tenants. It is also possible that only one of these two services is included in the rent.

Electricity and heating costs vary from one property to another, as everyone’s needs and habits are very different. However, it’s worth knowing what a typical bill looks like for a Montreal one-bedroom apartment you’re about to visit.

What Changes Can Tenants Make?

You probably want to know, for example, if you are allowed to paint the walls or not. In fact, white is the only color allowed by some landlords. If so, is the landlord willing to provide the paint? Are you allowed to add wallpaper or sconces to the walls? Can you put up shelves or put up some hooks for plants? It is essential to ask the landlord what changes you can make to a downtown Montreal one-bedroom apartment to make it more personal.

What Does the Rental Agreement for a One-Bedroom Apartment in Montreal State?

Even if you already know, it’s important to understand your rental agreement so that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises. If this is your first one-bedroom apartment in Montreal, don’t hesitate to ask for help. A family member or someone who has moved frequently can help you identify details that you may not have considered.

Also, do not hesitate to leave the premises if the landlord has asked you for a “reservation check” or to pay money before you even have visited the unit.

Is There Parking Space?

Depending on what type of apartment complex you choose, there are several different types of parking spaces that may be offered. You could have the option of an outdoor surface lot, or indoor garage parking or even gated access. All of these options provide some security and protection from harsh weather conditions while ensuring your vehicle is safe and secure when not in use.

Who Is Responsible for the Maintenance?

When visiting a one-bedroom apartment in Montreal, you should also ask the following questions:

  • Do you pay for appliance repairs, if appliances are included in the rental?
  • How do you usually handle small repairs?
  • Is the work scheduled before or during the lease?
  • Who is responsible for snow removal?
  • Who is responsible for lawn maintenance?

What Are the Specific Terms of the Lease?

Is the lease for one year or less? Normally, twelve months is the default period for a lease, but it is also possible to opt for a shorter term. This type of arrangement can be justified in special situations, such as ending a lease on the 30th of June, to align with most leases for the following year. Other important details to note in the lease, include whether pets or smoking are permitted.

Where Can I Find Public Transportation?

It is essential to know which routes are accessible nearby if you use public transportation. How long does it take to get to different places like work, shopping centers, downtown, school, etc.? How often do buses run and until what time? Where is the nearest subway station?

How Does the Landlord Behave?

There are different types of landlords. Some are very friendly, while others are more distant. There are those who are very proactive, others who are not reachable. Since you will be dealing with the landlord relatively frequently throughout your lease, it is important to choose this person carefully, just as you choose your home carefully.

The best way to have complete peace of mind, is to go with an expert landlord who knows what he or she is doing, and is always there to answer your questions, provide reassurance or make quick repairs.

What Are the Amenities?

An apartment complex is a great place to live for those who are looking for convenient amenities that make life easier. Whether you’re a tenant that needs leisure activities, or someone in need of access to social activities, there is something available for everyone. Apartment complexes come with a variety of amenities that are designed to meet the needs of all types of tenants.

One common amenity found in many apartment complexes is a fitness center. This can be especially helpful if you want to stay fit without having to leave your residence. Depending on the size and scope of your complex, it may even include an indoor swimming pool or sauna. Other features such as a courtyard (and rarely even an outdoor swimming pool) can also be found at some apartment complexes, allowing tenants the opportunity to enjoy recreation time outdoors as well.


In conclusion, renting a one bedroom apartment in Montreal is an exciting adventure. Before you sign a lease, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure that the apartment you choose is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. Consider your budget, amenities offered, proximity to transport links, pet policies, and other details such as parking spots or storage space. With this information in hand, you can make an informed decision that allows you to enjoy your new home in Montreal with confidence.

To learn more about renting a one-bedroom apartment in Montreal, please contact us today.

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