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Questions to ask before renting a studio in Montreal

Questions to ask before renting a studio in Montreal

That’s it, it’s decided: you want to move to a new studio apartment in Montreal. For everything to go well, it’s important to target your needs and ask the right questions when visiting potential accommodations. It helps to clarify things, to know what to expect, and especially how to avoid unpleasant surprises before renting a studio in Montreal.

Signing the Lease: Be Vigilant

An adequately written lease is often overlooked by students in Montreal, however this is a crucial step before moving in.  All current problems inside the apartment should be listed and reported in detail on the lease, if not, damages can be pinned onto the new tenant.  A poorly written lease can be very expensive at the time of departure, especially if the owner is a little dishonest.

What are the total monthly fees?

First, there is the rent to consider. It will remain the same throughout the lease, which generally lasts one year. Then there are the other essential variable costs, such as electricity and heating. In some rentals, everything is included, while for others, these costs are the tenant’s expense. However, it is also possible that certain services and amenities are included in the cost of renting a studio in Montreal.

What changes can tenants make to the apartment themselves?

You probably want to know, for example, whether you can paint the walls, and, if so, what color, as some landlords only allow white. If painting is given the green light, is the owner of the unit willing to provide the paint?

Is the landlord okay with wallpaper or wall sconces? Do you have the right to install shelves or add hooks for plants? It is important to verify which modifications you can make with your studio prior to implementation.

Is the environment of this future studio suitable for me?

It’s not enough incentive that your future cocoon is next to your favorite bar, in order to sign the lease. The location of the dwelling is an essential element to consider in your research for a studio in Montreal. Here are some elements to consider:

Are there shops and schools nearby?

What will your regular commutes look like?

Is the area well served? (Public Transport)

Are there green spaces for walking and sports? (Le Parc Apartments has a built-in garden and courtyard on-site)

Is there a commercial sector near you? (Bars, restaurants or others may cause noise)

Other details to consider:

Is access to the building secure?

Is there a parking lot?

Analyze common areas of the building and take photos to identify any defects.

Is there a storage room?

Is there an elevator? Is it well maintained?

Who are the neighbours? (Families, young couples, singles, etc)

Is there any construction work to be done or in-progress? You may want to avoid settling in if upcoming or regular work is necessary to the building.

Are the common areas and shared facilities enough for you? This is a particularly important point when renting a studio apartment, as the amount of space within your apartment unit will be limited.

In summary, there are many important considerations when choosing a studio apartment in Montreal. Feel free to reach out to Le Parc Apartments with further questions or concerns you may have.