Should I Rent a Furnished Apartment?

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There are many advantages to renting a furnished apartment. Before we delve into these benefits, let’s look at what a furnished apartment is.


What Is a Furnished Apartment?

come equipped with all the items necessary for daily living. Not only does it include furniture such as chairs, sofas, coffee tables, beds and dressers, but other items as well. Such items include appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, as well as decorative items like blinds, curtains, mirrors, or artwork.


Why Rent a Furnished Apartment?

There are a number of advantages to renting a furnished apartment:

Lower Initial Costs

Moving into a new residence can already be a financial burden without having to worry about the cost of furniture. Not only do you need rent money for the first month, or in some cases the first few months, but you also have to bear the expense of a move, which can be quite costly. Renting a furnished apartment means saving hard-earned money that would otherwise be spent on furniture. Furniture like beds and sofas are particularly expensive, and saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on such items can greatly ease an already heavy financial commitment.

An Easier Move

Moving is one of the most tiring and stressful experiences we can suffer through. It is bad enough having to organize and pack for a move; having to handle the transportation of furniture is even worse. Not only is furniture heavy to move, requiring you to do the lifting yourself or to rely on an expensive moving service, it can be unwieldy or impossible to fit inside your new residence. With furnished apartments, you can save yourself the stress and the expense of having to move numerous pieces of furniture into your new home.

Still Allows for a Customized Space

A great thing about furnished apartments is that they do not prevent you from decorating the place to your liking. While the included furniture is a permanent fixture of the apartment, you can still customize the space as you wish, lending it a personal touch. The pieces contained in the apartment can serve as a foundation for decoration, allowing you to elaborate on their style with carpets, lamps, artwork, and other items of personal preference.

Great for Short-Term Rentals

If you do not plan on living in one place for the long term , or if you prefer to avoid the upfront costs of fully furnishing your apartment and wish to bypass the hassle, a furnished apartment is a perfect solution. Buying furniture of any kind, let alone upscale pieces, requires commitment, and you would be required to haul it from place to place. If you are uncertain about when your next move may occur, plan on moving shortly, or move often, purchasing furniture may not be in the cards for you. By renting a furnished apartment, you have immediate access to furniture without having to commit to it in terms of a large upfront payment, long-term monthly payments, and transportation costs.


As explained throughout this article, renting a furnished apartment can be highly beneficial. If you are planning to move, consider this type of residence, and contact us for further details today.

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